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Series: Fullmetal Alchemist [mangaverse]
Character: Winry Rockbell
Timeline: Chapter 94
Personality: Winry can be a pretty sentimental character sometimes. She has very deep value for family, whether it be blood or otherwise which is why she is always constantly worried about the Elrics, and thus appears so often aggravated and angry (particularly at Ed) with their distance since joining the army. Her family values shine through in not only how she loves the Elrics, but her grandmother and how she treasures the memory of her parents. Even if someone is older than her she might come off as mothering sometimes--she knows better than to pamper them since it would come off as patronizing, but she will butt into someone's business if her concern becomes extreme. She also always has her door open to discuss problems if anyone ever wants to come to her of their own accord. She manages to do much of her nudging in a very inconspicuous manner.

Ironically, even though she is kind-spirited in that manner, she also has a particularly violent nature, often beating people with her wrenches. She is a person easy to anger, but easy to forgive. She isn’t the type to hold grudges and despite her tantrums she would never seriously harm anyone close to her, and learns to persevere both emotionally and the presence of others. Despite everything she has been through she remains quite optimistic and has a generally cheerful attitude. She has a sometimes quirky, sometimes pitch-black sense of humor and loves to tease and taunt people, especially those she is fond of. It has a habit of getting her into a lot of trouble, but she somehow always manages to slip out. Only on very rare occasions does her true anger, bitterness, and depression for all the things that have happened. She can be quite impulsive at times, sensitive, and shrill but she does mean well, and has a heavy sense of duty. She takes great pride in her work, both as a mechanic and doctor and has great respect for anyone who is passionate about their work, whatever it may be.

One other quirk that the girl does have is her tomboy-ish mannerisms. It is obvious that most of her interests lie in male-dominated professions, but she also often acts in a rather chivalrous manner even if her profession is the epitome of the roguish class. Particularly towards women she'll act in a gentlemanly fashion. Her attire seems to contradict this part of her but Winry is a far cry from the damsel who enjoys dressing up, gossiping, fantasies, and other things typically thought to be 'girlish'. She is mired deep into reality, and knows that one must make their wishes a reality on their own.

Background: Winry Rockbell grew up in a village called Rizenbul. It was a tiny place settled in some grassland, where everyone knew each other, since it was a tight-knit community, despite the acres that usually separated homes. She was the only child of the two doctors, Sara and Urey Rockbell. Her grandmother on her father’s side is Pinako Rockbell, and an automail mechanic and engineer.

Winry grew up along with the Elric family, consisting of Edward, Alphonse, and their mother Trisha. Her memories of their father Hohenheim are vague, since he left when they were all very young. The Elrics were like a secondary family and home to her. From a very early age Winry studied her parents vocation, but she always seemed more interested in automail. Since automail engineering requires a good amount of medical knowledge she tried to create a balance between the two.

When she was about six years old, Winry’s parents entered into the Ishbal War as doctors helping both Amestrians and Ishballan alike. However they were killed by one of the Ishballans they saved who goes under the alias of Scar. From then on she was raised by her grandmother, and began to depend more on Edward and Alphonse for support.

Unfortunately only a couple years later the Elrics lost their mother as well, and the two immersed themselves in the study of alchemy to try and find a way to bring her back. An experienced alchemist by the name of Izumi Curtis passed through the village and the two managed to convince her to take them on as apprentices.

They remained with her for several years. As they studied to be better alchemists Winry got lost in her own studies of medicine and automail but she often thought of the Elrics, wondering how they were faring and wishing for their return.

When they did return it wasn’t long till they finally attempted the human transmutation to bring their mother back to life, however they didn’t realize that in attempting this illegal action they were breaking the most important rule of alchemy, that of equivalent exchange, giving up the same amount for what you receive. They had all the necessary ingredients for a human body, however there is no price that can equal a soul and that ended in disaster. Edward lost one of his legs, and Al his entire body in the process but Edward gave up one of his arms to attach Alphonse’s soul to a suit of armor.

Winry and Pinako helped the both of them in their recovery and Winry was the one who built Edward’s automail. After several months of recovery for Ed he went to Central and join the military there in order to gain access to information, in hopes of regaining their bodies and setting things straight.

The boys were once again gone for about a long time, approximately five years. Winry was always worrying, and always hating the fact that she feels that all she can do in wait in the sidelines.

Winry begans to get more involved in the story when she went to Central to fix Ed’s automail when he was unable to come to Rizenbul. There she met Maes Hughes, a member of the military and one who had become friends with the Elric brothers. She too grows very close of him and the rest of his family and she is able to shed some of her fears on him and he gives her good advice.

Later on when she travels with the Elrics a little but when they come to Rush Valley she stays to take on another apprenticeship under a man named Garfiel. The Elrics continued on their journey to restore their bodies, but they would occasionally return so that Ed could get his automail fixed, and over time they began to be more open about the things they went through. Winry continued studying and doing whatever she could to help the Elrics.

Abilities/Additional Notes: The thing that Winry has going for her most is her intelligence. From the day she was born Winry was raised amongst scholars and people who were incredibly proficient at their work. Even Hohenheim, who left when she was so young left an impact on her. He was very studious and a great alchemist, something that her best friends the Elrics took after. Both her own parents were great doctors, and instilled in her a great sense of enthusiasm and compassion to follow their footsteps. Her grandmother, a great automail engineer also inspired her to work towards that vocation. While in many regards Amestris is 'behind' quite a number of worlds, with her drive and determination Winry is the kind of person who can pick up and learn things pretty quickly.

Thanks to this background, Winry is both a doctor and a mechanic. She had taken care of a score of people, and a large part of the automail business involves physical therapy so that people can learn how to use their new limbs. This means that Winry works a lot with people, and a lot with some people who may not be the happiest or most patient of people. It has in turn given her a strong amount of understanding and patience of her own so she is particularly good reading others.

What probably stands out the most about Winry, however, is her fortitude. She has seen her fare share of troubles, but she manages to keep a cool head throughout them.

Oh. It should probably be noted that she is pretty good with a wrench. So if she is angry, and picks one up, it is best if you duck. Better yet, run far away.

When it comes down to it, though, Winry isn't a trained fighter. She is stronger than she looks, because of all her work with automail, but she would do poorly against another person who has had more experience than her. Not simply because she would be outdone is just overall physical fitness and experience, but Winry simply isn't the kind of person who could bring herself to seriously or fatally harm another person. An animal or monster might be different, but another person? Not a chance. Her parents were killed saving the lives of others, and so she would consider it the gravest sign of disrespect if she ever did something like that, and the thing Winry fears the most is putting to shame the two people who mean the most to her.

The fact that she forms attachments so quickly can also be considered a weakness to some degree. Winry tries to find the best in everyone, and sometimes she gives people who more chances and doubt than they deserve. Part of it is due to a somewhat naïve desire to believe that there is good in everyone, so that she can try and understand why some of the things back in Amestris are the way they are.

In Game History: To be updated as RP progresses.
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