Winry Rockbell (burningboxers) wrote,
Winry Rockbell

♣ 0 - Family Bonding Event

Taking a leaf out of Uno-mun's book. Here are Winry's relations so far. If you'd like to work anything out with Winry, or if by extension of plans with other people, your characters are related to her, please tell me here~

Edward Elric - Nephew
Anko Mitarashi - Sister
Trisha Elric - Mother
Juke Wurlitzer - Father
Cassidy Sharp - Sister [by extension]
Logan - Uncle [by extension]
Mello - Brother [by extension]
Hawke - Brother
Tags: *event, *ooc
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Wait...I thought Cassidy was going to be Madara's daughter...UNLESS I MISSED SOMETHING WHICH IS PROBABLY WHAT HAPPENED.
UMM. Well I didn't actually speak directly with Cassidy-mun about this; but I do know that Anko is Win's sister and that she talked with Juke about being his daughter. Then under Anko's thread Cassidy and Anko decided that the two of them would also be sisters so she is also Winry's by extension..?

I'm not sure. I think it's just mix-up perhaps? xD
It's probably a mix up! I'll talk to Shade about it today and get it straightened out! <3

But Trisha and Winry need to do some mommy daughter bonding during this event. IT MUST HAPPEN~
Alright <3 Let me know how it works out.

And yes a million times over. It'll be so cute and sweet~