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o1 - Accidental Voice Post

Ow! Son of a-- did Granny knocked me out with her walking stick again? [there's some low incoherent mumbling, sharp ears might be able to pick up 'crazy' and 'where I get it from' but it's mostly indistinct, then there is the sound of her getting up]


Huh. Okay. This definitely isn't home, or Rizenbul for that matter. Or really any place I've seen before...crap. This wouldn't have anything to do with that stuff Edward was warning me about, would it? Maybe we should have left the country like he advised.

[there is some silence and then she sighs, and takes a deep breath in]

...whatever. Panicking isn't going to do anything. I'll get to the bottom of this.
Tags: c: alphonse elric, c: asuna kagurazaka, c: edward elric, c: juke wurlitzer, c: maes hughes, c: oliver long, c: trisha elric, not worried at all, pinako, well that hurt
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