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I haven't been paying very much attention to this thing. I never really was much for keeping a journal or anything like that, and I really do prefer to talk to people face to face. Ha. Imagine that, a machine I'm not all that interested in. Well, at least in using. I still think it's pretty amazing, so much better than the telephones we have back in Amestris.

I've also been too busy hanging out with 'family' to really bother.

...having parents again was...I don't know exactly how to feel. I feel like such a bad daughter for having been so happy, and being upset that it is over. I feel stupid and weak. It was fake, right, so it's not good of me to sorta wish that it could be true, or at least that the illusion would come back.

It all makes it impossible not to ask the question I've been trying to avoid, so I guess I might as well ask it and get it over with, otherwise it's going to keep nagging at me.

[ End Filter ]

[ Filtered to Edward and Alphonse ]

Hey guys...there's something I've been wanting to ask you two.

[ End Filter ]

((ooc: I'm totally up for backdating logs to the family event, if anyone is interested :> ))
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Oh! Nothing is going on there's just been something on my mind recently...
Well you two have been in this place for a long time, right?
Uh-huh. Over a year for Ed, almost a year now for me. It will be next month.
Then you might know.

[she hesitates for a second, before giving a sheepish laugh]

Jeez. I'm almost ashamed to ask.
[Al gives her a reassuring smile over the feed, along with a little laugh.]

Winry, it's me. You can ask me anything.
[she nods and smiles a little but fidgets]

Well it's just that. You know, Aunt Trisha is alive and here. And Mr. Hughes is alive and here. So.

I was just wondering if you know if mom and dad have ever been here?
[Al's face falls a little, and he rubs the back of his neck, slowly shaking his head.]

... no, Winry... I'm sorry, but there's been no sign of them.

[she nods slowly]


Thanks Al. Figured I should at least ask...sorry to bring up such a gloomy subject.
[Al presses his lips together a little.]

Don't be sorry, okay? It must be hard, seeing everyone, and... what I mean to say is I understand.
Heheh, yea. Alright. Thanks Al.

Hey...are you particularly busy at the moment?

Ah, no. Not really, did you have something in mind?
Well it's been a while. I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out?

I can't go too far or Ms. Unohana will kill me, though. But there's a nice garden outside?
Great! I'll be over soon then.

((ooc; would you be interested in logging this? ^^ ))
Good! I'll pack up a lunch, we can eat outside!

[ooc: Sure, they can catch up~]
((ooc; yay~ I'll get something up soon then :3 ))