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Jun. 4th, 2009


o3. Voice Post

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I haven't been paying very much attention to this thing. I never really was much for keeping a journal or anything like that, and I really do prefer to talk to people face to face. Ha. Imagine that, a machine I'm not all that interested in. Well, at least in using. I still think it's pretty amazing, so much better than the telephones we have back in Amestris.

I've also been too busy hanging out with 'family' to really bother.

...having parents again was...I don't know exactly how to feel. I feel like such a bad daughter for having been so happy, and being upset that it is over. I feel stupid and weak. It was fake, right, so it's not good of me to sorta wish that it could be true, or at least that the illusion would come back.

It all makes it impossible not to ask the question I've been trying to avoid, so I guess I might as well ask it and get it over with, otherwise it's going to keep nagging at me.

[ End Filter ]

[ Filtered to Edward and Alphonse ]

Hey guys...there's something I've been wanting to ask you two.

[ End Filter ]

((ooc: I'm totally up for backdating logs to the family event, if anyone is interested :> ))

May. 11th, 2009


o2. Voice

Well joining the crowd with the rest of the people who are back to be in their own bodies, though honestly, I can't imagine many people wouldn't be glad. I guess this was what Ed meant when he talked about how 'strange' things went on here sometimes. Now that it's over and I'm done freaking out it was...interesting? In all honesty, even though I was put in a boy's body I felt even more feminine than I ever had before. Whoever that was had very nice hair, and apparently kept very clean habits.

Definitely a learning experience, that's for sure.

Enough of that, though. Mr. Hughes? Would it still be okay for me to come over to see you and Elysia?

May. 9th, 2009


♣ 0 - Family Bonding Event

Taking a leaf out of Uno-mun's book. Here are Winry's relations so far. If you'd like to work anything out with Winry, or if by extension of plans with other people, your characters are related to her, please tell me here~

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Apr. 20th, 2009


o1 - Accidental Voice Post

Ow! Son of a-- did Granny knocked me out with her walking stick again? [there's some low incoherent mumbling, sharp ears might be able to pick up 'crazy' and 'where I get it from' but it's mostly indistinct, then there is the sound of her getting up]


Huh. Okay. This definitely isn't home, or Rizenbul for that matter. Or really any place I've seen before...crap. This wouldn't have anything to do with that stuff Edward was warning me about, would it? Maybe we should have left the country like he advised.

[there is some silence and then she sighs, and takes a deep breath in]

...whatever. Panicking isn't going to do anything. I'll get to the bottom of this.

♣ 0 - Relationships

To be added as game progresses. Every character will be given their own thread comment, and each thread will be updated with important changes / logs.

Sorry, done spamming ya guys now xD;

♣ 0 - Crit / Plot Post

Hello there! This is where you can talk to me about my Winry. Think I play her well? Think I play her poorly? Or perhaps my characterization isn't the problem. If there is anything at all you'd like to say about how I play her, or my roleplaying in general, this is where you can say it. Don't worry, I won't bite, just remember that if you do have an issue, please be specific and give me examples, and if possible, ideas on how to improve! Anonymous commenting is on but screening is not because its a Douchebag with a capital D. You can't reply to screened comments, and I'd like to talk with those who want to plot, or have crit :> Let you know I'm listening.

This post can also be used if you'd like to plot something in particular with Winry, or if you just have any sort of question, or would like to gank her for a log. Drop me a note here, or ping me at RingCampana on AIM.

♣ 0 - Application

Contact:AIM: RingCampana
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